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Karen Yin founded Conscious Style Guide in 2015 to raise awareness of compassionate, empowering, and inclusive language. An independent writer and copy editor, she was the final eye on campaigns for Disney, Fox, Universal, Warner Bros., and DreamWorks for most of her decades-long career and now serves clients in education, publishing, and marketing. The creator of AP vs. Chicago and the style columnist for Copyediting since 2014, Karen has been invited to speak on androgyny, sexist language, and racist language at universities, conferences, and community events.

As an award-winning fiction writer, Karen alternates between several writing projects about unothering: a fantasy novel from a troll’s point of view, a graphic novel about person-based love, and a collection of short tales about collapsing identities. She received a grant from Table 4 Writers Foundation in 2014 and was a Lambda Literary Foundation fellow in 2015 and 2016.