100 Words

A journal of my journey, plus random advice, musings, and observations. May or may not be 100 words. (Who’s counting?)

Good Thing I’m Still Super Weird

In junior high, it was assumed that girls would take Home Economics and boys would take Woodshop. I really, really wanted to learn woodworking, because I love making 3D art. Everybody discouraged me. If I took Woodshop, they said, it meant willingly exposing myself to...

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EMDR and Reading (or I Read, Therefore I Heal)

My first pair of glasses were cat-eye and pink. Without glasses, the world is a bewildering blur of color and feathered edges; this has been my reality since age 6. Because I could only see detail up close, I held books inches from my face. Immersed, I could see...

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