Screenshot of a tweet by @meganpaolone: Some updates on @APStylebook's gender guidance, with an assist from @KarenYin of @consciousstyles: The differences between ASEXUAL, BISEXUAL, and PANSEXUAL.

In 2015, I asked AP Stylebook to add entries on bisexual and asexual. Response: “Bisexual is new,” and “Consult the dictionary.” In 2018, again I asked, was invited to correspond, presented my case. This year, based on my comments in this article and our earlier convos, AP added last-minute entries to 2019 edition, asked for my input. For bisexual, I recommended expanding their definition to be nonbinary and inclusive of other genders; for asexual, I proposed an entry to clarify the complexity. AP also proposed a pansexual definition, which is significant—shows they’re trying. Though the entries can be refined, I’m hopeful and saying yes to progress.

New entries in the 2019 AP Stylebook:

bisexual: Describes people attracted to more than one gender. Some people prefer pansexual, which describes people attracted to others regardless of their gender.

asexual: Describes people who don’t experience sexual attraction, though they may feel other types of attraction, such as romantic or aesthetic. Not synonymous with and does not assume celibacy.

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