So Not Ghoul

coming August 2, 2022 • AVAILABLE FOR PREORDER


“A fun, ghostly spin on trading blending in for standing out.”

Kirkus Reviews


On her first day haunting a new school, all Mimi has to wear are old Chinese gowns from her great-great-great-great-great-ghost-grandmother. She wants to look horrifying and rattle chains with the cool American ghouls at school, but her ghost ancestors insist she dress and behave like a good Chinese ghost. Desperate to fit in and find a middle haunting ground between her cultures, she plans a ghastly new look. But she questions whether her haunt couture is a fabulous fright or a grave mistake when her family finds out, and another ghoul at school appropriates her Chinese fashion.


This ghoulishly playful ghost story offers a boo-tiful reminder that while sometimes school and family can make you feel invisible, bicultural pride never goes out of style.

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  • Author: Karen Yin
  • Illustrator: Bonnie Lui
  • Publisher: Page Street Kids
  • Release date: August 2, 2022
  • ISBN-10 (book): 1645675572
  • ISBN-13 (book): 978-1-64567-557-0
  • Age: 4 to 8

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